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  • Copy Certification

    Ohio revised code does not allow a notary to certify copies of documents. However, you as the document custodian (keeper of) can certify that the copied document is a true , correct, exact copy of the document. As a notary I can notarize that YOU personally appeared before me and signed the statement that it […]

  • Welcome

    I am a mobile notary public service. I will travel to your location or where you need us. Simply contact me for an appointment and we will be there. I am located in Bellefontaine and Grandview Heights and serve all areas in between. Please Note: I work a full-time job with different hours, and am […]

  • Last Will and Testament

    In Ohio, Last Wills are not notarized; they only need to be witnessed by two Non-family, totally disinterested persons. The witness signatures may be notarized if desired. You may also call on a notary to be a witness for you as well.

  • General, Durable or Financial Power of Attorney

    This is another important documents that permits a person/agent of your choice to handle your affairs, both financial and personal, if you are unable to. These may include bank accounts, mortgages and loans, and other essential activities. A POA is a very powerful document and should be drawn up and executed with the utmost care. […]

  • Living Will and Healthcare POA

    Two important documents that everybody 18 and over need to have is a Living Will and a Healthcare Power of Attorney. These are essential to conveying your wishes regarding your health care and designating a family member or other person of your choice to make health decisions if you become incapacitated. These documents are readily […]

  • Ohio Vehicle Titles

    This document is very often completed incorrectly for private sales between individuals, resulting in the need to obtain a duplicate title. Important points to remember: Do not complete any of the spaces, or sign the title until the notary is present. Any erasures or other alterations to the title WILL VOID IT and have to […]